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Down with the Dharma, podcast episode from January 2023

Last week I re-connected with fellow former monk brothers in the Plum Village tradition John and Dat. A beautiful time together sharing mostly about Bodhicitta, the mind/heart of love and awakening. The largest part of this conversation has become a podcast episode at Down with the Dharma. Here it is for all to enjoy:

listen to this podcast at Down with the Dharma

Mundekulla Live – Transforming Sickness, Death and Fear

This was recorded after the Mindfulness retreat I led at Mundekulla, a beautiful retreat center in Småland, in november 2020. In this conversation with Peter Elmberg (good friend and former owner of Mundekulla retreatcenter) we have a heartfel sharing about challeges in life and how we can go through them as a growing experience.

Sun of Wisdom Videos

From time to time I have recorded a video blogg or short Dharma talk in English. You can find these in this YouTube playlist:

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