Sickness and Healing – Course in three sessions

Jem (Chan Phap Ho) offered a three part webinar through Zoom in march of 2021. This webinar includes personal sharing by Jem from his time dealing with Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer as well as healing and recouperation after treatments. Meditations and practical ways to navigate sickness and healing in a mindful and loving way is offered. If you fill in the form below you will get access to the material for these three sessions.

The suggested contribution to access this material is 300 SEK.

May all beings be happy and safe!

This first session focuses on:

Discovering the first tumor, the first tests followed by weeks of unknowing. Doctors appointments with treatment suggestions, alternative therapies. Communicate about my situation. Asking for support. Choosing focus of attention. Dealing with impermanence. Touching gratitude.

Guided meditation started our session. When my energy went down from having stage 4 Melanoma cancer and starting treatment (fall and winter 2018-2019), I noticed that my mind had a hard time staying with subtle objects of meditation like the breath or just to sit. The imagery of this meditation was much easier both to stay with and get nourishement from in that challenging time.

Second session focuses on:

Dealing with weakness and pain. Knowing what I can do and not, asking for more help. Finding ways to receive offered support. Any regret or shame? Challenged with moments of despair. Taking treatment and finding confidence. Making peace with death. Choosing life and healing. Not identifying with cancer.

To start the second session I offered a meditation, where we came in contact with healing energy and objects in order to draw them into our body for nourishment and healing to happen.

There was a question if art played a role in my healing and recovery. The short answer is for sure! Colors and shapes has always enlivened and inspired me. When I write calligraphy and paint it is a time just to be, which offers rest and focus. It is also a time to nourish and to reflect. When I play with colors and shapes, nature becomes even more stunning when I go outside agaiin. So artistic expression helps me to open my mind and be in contact with the wonders in many forms, colors and appearances.

Third session focuses on:

What is possible? Continuing to focus on healing with greater enery and demand. Big picture learning from sickness and continued healing. Build stronger health. Communicate about changes in condition. A new birth and continuation.

This session started with a guided deep relaxation:

To conclude the session and the webinars there were some comments and we closed with a chant of well wishing:

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